Support and Privacy Policy

Please email me if you have any issues, bugs, comments, or suggestions.  I will answer all emails as-soon-as-possible, but I promise a response within 72 hours.  You can also check the FAQ for more support information.

I am a mom and a developer.  I design my apps around the fact that children are using the app and the device.   I do my best to balance technologies so that the child can play in a safe environment, and that I can run a successful company and be able to provide great apps.  The following is information about how my apps work and how it relates to yours and your child’s privacy:


Version 1.7 and Above of Kids Pattern Recognition, Kids, Sequences, Counting and Patterns and Kids Christmas Pattern Game and version 1.14 and above of Learn To Read and Learn to Read Lite

None of the current versions of my apps collect information.

Other Platform Specific Information:
Amazon - If you downloaded or purchased my app from Amazon, they may collect information about the use of my app, and share that information with me.  View Amazon's privacy policy here.

Google Play - If you downloaded or purchased my app from Google Play, they may collect information about the use of my app and share that information with me.  View Google Play's privacy policy here.

The App Store - I do not collect any information from these apps, and I am not aware of Apple collecting any information on the use of my app.  

*LINKS – There are links in my apps to my website, to the market for other apps I offer, and to rate the apps.  Once you leave my app other privacy policies may apply.  In most versions (all Apple versions, and some Android versions) these links are behind a parent gate.

*Disabling internet access (aka set device to airplane mode) before opening the app will prevent any data from being sent, and restrict access via links.

ADS – My apps do not have any third party ads.   The only advertisements in the apps are for my own products.

IN APP PURCHASING – My apps do not use in-app purchasing.  All apps are fully functional via initial download, though free apps may have less content than their paid counterparts.

SOCIAL MEDIA – My apps are not connected to social media in any way.

CHANGES - If I decide to change this policy changes the changes will be posted here.  Please refer to it periodically for review.  

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