Monday, October 27, 2014

Kindergarten Math and Literacy App Bundle

With the release of Learn to Read I created a kindergarten app bundle which has the Learn to Read app as well as the Kindergarten Pattern Completion app.  It is neat because both of these apps have a pattern recognition theme.  The math app is obviously a pattern completion game, but the reading app also is using pattern identification to pick out similarly spelled words.  The bundle gives you a dollar off discount.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Learn to Read is Available for iPhone and iPad

I had started working on a port of this app over a year ago, but got distracted and never finished, but I had a customer email me begging for an Apple version as soon as possible.  I hadn't got as far along on it as I had hoped, but I did have enough time to get it in working order and release it.  I also added some cool new features (that will be included in the Android versions as well) including a new animation that is displayed when the correct answer is tapped.  
The other main new feature is one that I find very intriguing.  I came across a website of a person who had created a free font called OpenDyslexic that has been found to be easier to read by some people who have dyslexia.  I figured it would be a good option for a Learn to Read app and I am interested to hear if any children do benefit from the different font.