Sunday, October 7, 2012

Folio Academy Videos Teach You to Draw

The cheapest way to get things done is to do it myself.  Each app I make I have to weigh the costs and benefits of doing it myself, or finding someone else to help me out.  There are many wonderful creators on the internet who provide free licensing of images and music through the Creative Commons License, or provide very reasonably priced assets.   I have used vector graphics found at and sounds from

Graphics are a struggle for me.  They are arguably the most important aspect of an app, especially a children’s app.  Beautiful graphics equal a great app.  Unfortunately as a startup I don’t have a budget to hire a graphic artist.  I can afford a small amount to purchase some vector art, but don’t have the funds to get real quality artwork.  There is a bit of a chicken and egg problem here, because maybe I won’t sell as many apps due to poor artwork.  If I was a hopeless artist I think I would be more willing to fork out some money, but I can passably reproduce some art.  I recognize that I am not a professional artist, but I think to an uncritical eye what I make is passable.

Like everything, I feel like if I practiced and trained myself I could get better.  That is where comes in.  I read Will Terry’s blog and enjoy his writing style, his drawings, and his willingness to share his knowledge.  For writing this piece I will receive a free video lesson.  I'm always intrigued about learning via the internet and this is a wonderful opportunity to see if I can get some quality instruction via a video.  

Now if I can just create a time warp.  I will have enough time to work on my drawing skills, writing skills, marketing skills, game design skill, and then the apps I create will be the most amazing ever! 

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