Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Discover Educational Android Apps For Kids

Sometimes finding a wide variety of kids apps for Android devices can be hard.  Many apps do not offer a whole lot, or are buggy and do not work well.  Searching for them can be challenging when you have to wade through all the irrelevant choices.  I've compiled some links here that can help parents find those hidden gems.  Remember to rate any apps you like.  Positive ratings are what drive sales, which keep the developers developing.  :)


Kids love stories and there are a lot of story book apps for Android.  A good list of reviewed story books for Android can be found at Digital Storytime, and good app reviews can be found at Smart Apps for Android.


Amazon has nice designated sections of kids apps organized into various categories.  Developers choose the categories and amazon reviews those designations, so you can be fairly confident there aren't spam apps.
Barnes & Noble recently redid their children's section and have good categorization as well.  You can only access the Barnes & Noble app store from a Nook Color or Tablet, but it is likely that many of the apps can be found on Google Play as well.  Searching for the developers name versus the app name will usually result in better results.  

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kids Pattern Recognition is Available!

It is now available on On Nook Apps (TM),  Amazon, Google Play and iOS (iPad, iPhone and iTouch).

If you like it please take the time to rate it. App ratings drive sales and are a huge marketing favor to me.