Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kids Pattern Recognition - Beginner

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This is a kid's math game. Complete the pattern recognition puzzles to work through the levels to free the good monster aliens that were kidnapped by the bad monster aliens.

WHO: For kids ages 4-7.

WHAT:  Help the hero complete the patterns and save the monsters that were kidnapped.  This game has 120 ABAB and ABCABC patterns to solve in order to beat the game.  Some patterns are picture based and some are number based.  Patterns may alternate in color, size, shape, or value.

WHERE: In outer space.

WHY: Recognizing and analyzing patterns and sequences is a foundational skill for both math and literacy.

This app provides practice for children in:
-Recognizing patterns and sequences.
-Recognizing differences in color.
-Recognizing differences in size.
-Recognizing numbers.

Read about some of the thoughts that went into designing the game.
Watch the demo video

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