Saturday, May 19, 2012

Corvids At the Zoo

What do I like to see when we go to the zoo?  The crows.  There is a large crow population at the Woodland Park Zoo and they are very vocal.  I always wonder what they are talking about. I'm sure the large population is due to the potential food they can steal, both from the visitors and the animals.  They especially seem to enjoy the flamingo and penguin exhibits, and visitors' bags! 

The girls were playing on the awesome playground that is at the zoo, and I had left our backpack that contained snacks in it, by the stroller.  The bag was unzipped a bit on top.  A crow hopped on over and quick as a flash, pulled a plastic bag filled with snacks out of the backpack, and attempted to fly off with it.  I chased the crow and yelled at it.  It dropped the bag due to its inability to fly high and carry the bag at the same time.  I then put the snacks back in the backpack and zipped it completely up.  The crow came back and stalked the bag in an attempt to make a second try.  While I was annoyed at the crow for trying to take my homemade Larabars, I did admire its spunk and quick thinking.  Later in the day I noticed a sign, with a picture of a crow stealing a snack from a bag, warning visitors to stow their snacks completely.  

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