Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Starting Your Own Business

Getting into the mobile app market is tough, as is starting any business.  The fact is that the majority of businesses fail.  As a programmer the choice to sell your own work is tough.  You can work for someone else, get paid good amounts of money, not have to worry about marketing, and you can focus your energy on the fun part—writing code.  Alternatively you can be a one woman show and write the code, test it, market it, and maintain it, all with no guarantee of making any money, or making such a small amount that you are essentially working for pennies per hour.  The lure of course is that you can make a decent amount of money while being able to work on your own schedule (when the kid are sleeping or playing nicely).  Right now my primary responsibility is taking care of my children, but I'm going to give this a go.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Corvid Apps Preparing to Launch

I am in the process of entering the mobile app arena.  I’ve thought about doing so for some while, but with two young kids time to do so is fairly limited.  What finally gave me the motivation were three things:
  • The first was an article my dad sent me.  The article says that good software developers are the most important commodity in the current economy and you should invest in them.  I am good software developer—I need to invest in myself!   
  • Secondly,  I was looking at my accomplishments for the last year and I realized my kids are old enough that I do have some time to follow my own interests, it is just a matter of what I choose to use it for.  I am going to do less reading, less sewing, and focus my computer time to be development related.  
  • Thirdly, I have an online friend whose husband is doing well selling mobile apps.  Nothing like success in close proximity to motivate you.